Saturday, June 9, 2012

:D Worst Blogger Award

I am not a blogger.  I am more of a person with a blog.  I know you can totally see the difference.  This is more like a sporadic journal for me.  If you had to compare me to a blogger, than I would be the worst blogger ever.  I lack consistency in postings and topics.  I am not looking to make money nor am I looking for a niche.  I just like to write so here I am.  I have always had slight issues with authority so I would choose blogger to host my non-bloggy blurting.

Today I am contemplating which is yet another way that I take time away from the trillion things that have to be done.  Have you ever gotten an idea in your head that is not of grand importance or even worse it is something you have no business thinking about and it just consumes you.  It like as soon as the idea is in your head, even if it is a huge mistake (i.e. sky diving when you are afraid of heights) you still have to do it because you have become obsessed.  This is a flaw in humanity.  Its uncontrollable.  It doesn't even matter that you have heard so many horror stories from others.  You need your own.  Perfect example, I was reading somewhere about the world's soda fountain at epcot.  Apparently, there is one that is horrible.  It is described as tasting like vomit.  Almost every comment from those who have not tried it read something like 'ew, disgusting!  Can't wait to try it for myself.'   <--  See, we are hopeless against it.  I blame humanity!  :)  

Have a great June!