Wednesday, August 31, 2011


If a class is open to the public, I will post the class here so that you are able to drop into any class that is convenient to you.  I will also post a link to the facebook event so that you can RSVP.

When I started, I went to a couple of classes.  The repeat information just made me feel more comfortable with all the new ideas and strategies.  Then, I also wanted to take a few friends and show them how to save some of their hard earned money too.  Everyone has their own styles but the 2 most important steps to saving are getting the right training and getting the Orlando Sentinel delivered directly to your home.  Both can be done on the day of the class or you can save money from the first day by pre-ordering your subscription!

To arrange a class simply email me or leave a comment with your email address!

New Ventures Bad for Sleeping Habits

Oh goodness, I have been up way to late trying to learn all about this in a day.  So far, I think it is coming together well.  I am completely faking the funk at this tech-y stuff.  Well, I am still a mother and have plenty on the to do list tomorrow.  I am just testing this thing.  I needed another label to see how they worked.

I want to learn how to do so many things.  Like the drop down menu on a label.  Maybe I should get these books...


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This blog is not a couponer's only blog.  I am coupon instructor for some great friends at Couponer's United and The Simple Truth Foundation.  I will direct you to the Couponer's United blog where you will find great coupon match ups and deals.  This blog will deal with all the things that I want to be involved in.  I love to keep in touch with my students & friends (new and old) and offer continued support while providing access to my articles and this seems like an easy outlet for all my plans.  I will also like to use the page to provide some area specific saving information and reminders for those who elect to stay connected thru RSS and email.

I am excited about everything to come!
Many Blessings!