Friday, October 21, 2011


I visited 2 friends in the last week that are booth needing some relief from their financial responsibilities.  The number one on going expense for them both was GROCERIES!  Could you believe that?  I sat with one of my friends and just one sunday paper and we found about $15 in savings in minutes.  Of coarse this was frustrating for her because these were purchases she had just made but it got her more interested in saving.  My other friend recently had her household of 4 people increase to 6 with the addition of 2 young adults.  This of coarse means more groceries and toiletries.  These are friends of mine, they now what I do.  So why do they not use coupons?  The truth finally came out.

Both of my dear friends thought that saving 50-90% on their groceries had to be complicated.  They both have very demanding jobs and families and just felt that they didn't have the time to learn how to do this.  Of coarse, you know that they are both going to my next class right...

So is it easy?  At first no.  It is something new that you are learning.  You are changing some habits and organizing yourself a little differently.  This learning curve, while extremely beneficial, can feel like extra work.  Like other hugely beneficial things, the work is nothing compared to the reward.  For some families, it can mean the difference between survival and failure.
It does, however, become extremely easy.  I would say give it two months.  By then, you will have gotten addicted to the savings, found your personal system, and will be able to know if you prefer paying a lot more.

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