Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm a Thinxer!... and I'm not going back.

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I happily ordered 2 pair of THINX.  My hope was that what I read about them was true.  I have been interested in alternative care products for a long time.  The 'normal' way is costly, wasteful, and limiting.  It's the way we have always done it, which is a phrase I can't stand no matter the topic.  I considered the cup but it wasn't really my style.  My style is less invasive and low maintenance.  Hands free is good for me. 
Unfortunately, my package, while shipped quickly, got here the day after my cycle ended, so I had to wait another month to test this product.  I guess it would be easy to assume that a company that takes care of covering you from leaks has a return policy that covers you for enough time to test the product regardless of having just missed a cycle.

Not sure what THINX are?  By now, you are aware of the it being a period product (possibly the deliverer of all those enslaved to products).  Rather than explain it to you, I will share their link.  (includes a $10 discount!)
Their page is so great and user friendly.  I love the simple explanations and the visuals.  I could do no better in summarizing what it is, how it works, or what they look like.  So, check it out and come back if you want to hear my story.

(photos from Thinx site)

So, the morning day greeted me with my cycle.  No biggie.  After your 20's, you have had it for so long that you have a routine, you know when its approaching, you have your favorite tools and accessories to carry you through and your favorite attire to make you as comfy as possible.  It's just another day with added homework.  This particular morning, I tried something different.  Different can be a blessing or a total disaster when it comes to periods.  The 'normal' way of pads and such, is full of flaws.  It is not a system that I would say that I trusted, but I am accustomed to it and have gone thru most, I dare say all, of the flaws at one point or another.  I know the signals and signs.  This made trusting THINX very difficult.  I never cancel my life for anything related to my cycle.  I may make some adjustments, but I refuse to stop normal life for this.  Being me, I didn't cancel everything to stay home to test this.  I didn't even have a back up plan.  I put these on at about 11 in the morning and committed straight thru the night and into my morning shower at 9am.  It was fantastic!  4 days later, my long marriage to the 'old way' ended in divorce! 

I used the Sport style in black and free flowed on my heaviest day.  No other products.  I left the house, went to my car maintenance appointment, did my daily 'mom' work, worked back stage at my daughters play, dressed the lead character, I was out past 10pm.  I did wear black since that is the uniform for stage work.  I moved, I stretched, I bent... and I was covered, completely.  I was always conscious of it.  Wondering.  I often checked as I have done with other methods but I was covered.  I slept, for the first time in years, without the dark towel under me that would keep me from ripping the sheets off in the morning.  That statement is a game changer! 

Now its time for the Q&A's...
  • Are they thick? NO
  • Is it like a built in pad? NO
  • Do they bunch? NO
  • True to size? YES, just measure your hips.
  • Did you stain? NOPE
  • Not even from the side?  NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST
  • Did you feel wet? NO.  Surprised me too!  You do feel a little temperature difference (chill) for a few seconds after you visit the restroom.  That can be moist feeling but the feeling goes away in a minute or two.
  • Are they tight? NO
  • Are they loose? NO
  • Did you have to pick at them all day?  NO, hahaha, no wedgies.
  • Did you feel 'unclean'?  NO, not at all like a diaper or our pads. 
  • What about a scent?  NO, I thought of this more than I would like to admit.
  • Where they hard to rinse out?  NOT AT ALL!  Fast and easy maintenance. I think the hardest part is to make sure they don't find themselves into the dryer. 
  • Do they feel like regular underwear?  NO, they feel better than some since the material is soft and smooth and the elastics are not noticeable. Some regular undies are on my pay no mind list on these days.
  • Are they uncomfortable to sleep in?  NO.  It was great!  After having them on all day, I didn't even do that conscious sleep thing we do to prevent accidents.  I didn't do the change positions in my sleep thing either.  Checked the sheet, almost by instinct, first thing and was covered!
  • The idea of the beige one grosses me out, Should it?  No, it shouldn't.  Thinx thought of us as a visual species and lined the inside in black.  No visual messes no matter what color or style you choose.
  • Did you get them for free?  No, I wish! :)  I do get a gift for sharing the $10 coupon (which I didn't have when I bought my collection.)  I paid full price.
  • Did they pay you to review?  No, I just wanted to share the awesome, freeing news.
Thinx makes vacation packing for emergencies a breeze.  It's a lot easier to pack a couple of these and a tampon or two for swimming than the arsenal of just in case stuff we usually bring.  I would love to hear them invent a swimsuit.  I would totally try that one!

Next experiment... Thinx for teens.  If I get them started early, I can save them years of drama and discomfort.  What a gift!  Mother of the Eons award in the bag.

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