Sunday, January 22, 2012

Solivita Class Tuesday!

I love this part.  Tuesday's class has over 40 people reserved!  I love sharing the knowledge.  I always get the questions about it being free.  The class has so much to offer people.  These classes are sponsored by The Simple Truth Foundation whose goal it is to help people save money on groceries, help support local food pantries, and save you money on your newspaper subscriptions.  The revenue they build thru providing you with discounted newspapers pays for the classes and supplies.  The classes teach money saving strategies for the normal everyday saver.  They aren't really training courses for extreme couponing, although some have sharpened their skills enough to have achieved extreme savings.  
On average, those that apply what they learn save 50-80% on their groceries.  They also apply what they learned to save big on everything else that they buy.

Classes have been held in local schools, churches, businesses, charities, homes, and anywhere else you can think of.  The groups have been as small as 12 people and have gone over 100.  
It's a unique satisfaction for me to know that I have put an extra $100 or $200 dollars a month back into the wallets of some families.

If you are in the Central Florida Area and are interested in a class, send me your information and we can look into some dates.  Now, I have to go prepare for this upcoming class.

Many Blessings!

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